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Getting Started in Your Own Health Fitness Program

The keyword in any fitness program is activity. Activity would indicate being active. But just what is being active? Active according to Webster is “acting, working, causing motion or change, lively, agile”. “Couch Potato” does not fit this description.

Lively and agile brings to mind just what an exercise program should be. Even starting out at a slow pace can sometimes be lively for those of us that are a little or a lot out of shape. It is amazing how quickly one can lose the ability to exert any energy. We lose endurance so quickly. Have you tried to start a walking program, gotten a block or two down the road and said, “This is too much…I can not do it” and given up? Never give up! One or two blocks are a start. You may even have to start out with half a block and build up from there.

The key elements for any fitness program should include:

MOVEMENT Movement is the first and foremost part of any exercise program. Be it stretching or just walking to the mailbox, YOU NEED MOVEMENT. However, we would encourage you to do more movement than this to keep in good health. For ideal movement you could build a program around stretching, walking, running, bicycling, swimming, rowing, hiking, golfing, bowling, tennis or whatever you like. When you are drying off after a shower or bath do the twist! Any movement will be a start. YOU NEED MOVEMENT
STRETCHING When we get up in the morning we feel like stretching. This gets the blood flowing. Take a little time to stretch out all of your limbs. If you are in the shower in the morning take a minute to do some wall push-ups and leg stretches. Stretching warms up your muscles and helps avoid injuries to your muscles and joints.

Sound overwhelming already? Break it down into steps:

Think about why you do not want to move. Is it because when you move you become extremely tired or your muscles and joints ache? Or is there another reason. Evaluate the reason.
Seek out your medical professional Have them check out your physical condition. Get their advice as to how much exercise you can take according to your physical condition.
Think of the activities you once did that you were passionate about. As you get use to moving think of the activities you once did that you were passionate about. Was it bike riding, swimming in the lake in the summer, hiking in the woods, strolling through a park or what would you love to do if you thought you had the energy?
Start Slow Start slow and work up! Set goals for yourself during this time. The first week tell yourself you are going to walk a block (or even half a block). Do that everyday for the first week. Each week thereafter add a block of walking. Even heart patients are encouraged to walk.

If you need low-impact exercise, water fitness [] is great on muscles and joints. Go to the neighborhood pool and swim (or water walk) one lap from side to side (the width of the pool) for a week. Each week thereafter add a lap swimming (or water walking).

Whatever the exercise START SLOW and work up. The more you work up the more you will feel like doing and the more your body parts will love you. You will begin to feel better, be more energetic and start looking for activities you enjoy that will help you with your fitness program. If you dive in and start BIG you will feel sore and horrible for a few days and will not want to do it again because it was too difficult and you ache and feel run down. By starting SLOW and working up, your body becomes accustomed to the work and will strengthen without feeling so tired and sore. Your muscles need to heal from exertion. If you over exert on the first day, it is harder to stay with it. By starting slow and building up you will not only increase your strength but you will also increase your endurance. Make it fun!

Health Fitness – Exercises Meant to Improve Your Health

Health and fitness results are difficult to achieve if you don’t have a targeted as specific plan from the start. A properly guided exercise program involves goal setting, correct methodology, and a large variety of exercises from which to choose. Below, you will find guidelines to help you in each one of the above categories.

Goal setting and goal achievement are two completely different topics. Setting goals is important before beginning any exercise program, but achieving goals requires frequency of thought, objective measurements and analysis of progress, and diligence to carry out the desired activity necessitated to achieve your goal. For best results, I recommend you think through your goals at least five times a day, using the power of affirmations to help you accomplish them in your mind before you do physically.

Objective measurement of progress depends on your goal, whether it is body fat, weight loss, or strengthening. Keeping track of your progress is essential for reinforcement as well as modification. Finally, it’s important to point out that no one will achieve a goal if they do not have the diligence they need to pursue it. Many times, if motivation is what’s missing, I recommend finding a partner or teammate to help you through difficult times.

Correct exercise methodology is vital to health and fitness success with exercise. Methodology should be based upon your goals listed above. For example, if you desire to gain muscle, you may have a very different plan than if you desire to lose weight or train for competition. Be sure to research your exercise program ahead of time and follow a proven model before choosing which exercises you intend to do. For this reason, it’s not wise to simply watch another person exercise and then imitate, especially if you have no idea what s/he is trying to accomplish.

Having a large variety of exercises from which to choose allows you to ‘shock your body,’ by constantly placing different demands upon it. Through this unique approach, which is sometimes referred to as ‘muscle confusion,’ you will reap much better results, for much longer. Normal exercise programs that consist of ten to twenty exercises yield great results for a temporary time frame until they reach a ‘ceiling point.’ Ceiling points refer to the time during an exercise program when results plateau and exercises become less effective.

By considering each one of the above factors while designing your health and fitness exercise program, you will dramatically improve your results in the gym. Increased results in the gym directly correlate to decreased body fat, increased strength, increased endurance, decreased risk of cardiac disease, and improved health for a lifetime.

Benefits of Having a Health Fitness Business

There are many benefits in owning this type of business. When you are considering opening a health business, you have a lot to know. There are many benefits which include:

1. Extra money- When you operate a fitness center, you gain extra money. You may have to invest a good deal of money, but it will pay off.

Whenever you invest into a health business, you are investing in a business that has many opportunities. There are many things that you can do to advance your money in a health business. Fitness centers are always needed.

2. Healthier life- When people own a fitness club or health center, or work this business from home, they themselves get healthier.

Whenever people work out, they want to see others who are healthy. It is never good to go to the gym and see the workers out of shape.

A health fitness business is what one needs to get into shape. This is why it is best to focus to be like your customers. A healthier life leads to a happier life.

3. Business experience- With the extra business running, you gain the experience that can help you in future endeavors. Granted you may ask, “If I am the owner, why do I need the business experience?”

In today’s market, there have been many people who have lost their businesses. When this happens, they have to look for employment. Having the extra experience will get you a nice career.

Whenever a business owner has a plan to advance their business or even a person with the will to open a business you need to have the plan. When you have a plan and goals, you can accomplish a lot.

You never know when you are going to have to rely on your own skills to help get your business going.